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About Healing Artist

The Healing Artist is a Homeopathic clinic founded by Dr. Sandeep Kaur in Dehradun with an aim to cure diseases without side effects leading to conscious lifestyle with harmony. The clinic offers wide range of treatment from general health care to chronic diseases. The Healing Artist has also made an impact in people's lives through Cosmetology and Counselling giving the patient’s back their confidence and healthy lifestyle

‘Three best rated’, the business rating site after a careful evaluation of all the factors,places The Healing Artist among the top three Homeopathic Clinics in Dehradun city.

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Dr. Kaur is like a family doctor for my family. I can’t thank her enough to treat my 2 year old son who dreads allopathy medicines and specially antibiotics.

Rashi Verma
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Dr. Sandeep Kaur


19+ years of experience as a BHMS Doctor

Dr. Sandeep Kaur has been working in the field of holistic treatment as a licensed expert since 2001. She completed her BHMS from Guru Nanak Homeopathy College, Ludhiana. Her approach to diagnosis of patient’s condition is based on the individualistic constitution and the law of Cure. Through her career she has worked with a wide range of diseases and cured those ailments with a significantly high success rate.

Dr. Kaur's treatment methodology has been recognised by professionals. She is rated as one of top certified homeopaths in Dehradun, Uttarkhand. ‘Three best rated’, the business rating site places her clinic among the top Homeopathic Clinics in Dehradun city. This is done after a careful evaluation of all the factors which is highlighted in the TDR inspection report.

Doon Doc, a city specific rating site recognises her as Top 3 Homeopath Doctors in Dehradun